Whereas, the Greensboro College Student Bill of Rights states:

Greensboro College Students have the right of association and representation

Students have the right to establish organizations and governmental bodies and to participate in Student Affairs programs including the freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, and freedom of the exercise of the rights of citizenship.

Therefore, the student body of Greensboro College has established the Student Government Association.

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This course (still under development) shows you how to use moodle to take and complete a course. You will learn how to update your profile to make it more detailed and relevant, navigate around a course, take part in forum discussions, attempt quizzes, upload assignments, check your grades, and use all the other facilities of moodle.

Entry to this course is available to any Greensboro College users. Click once on the course title to the left to enter the course. This course is based on one developed by folks at the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice
and they would appreciate hearing from you via email to elearning@oxilp.ac.uk if you'd like to let them know if you have used it and found it helpful. The version we are using has many local changes in it, so you may find problems. Please let your facilitator here know about them rather than sending complaints to the originators.

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