Career and Personal Development Resources

This course is fundamentally about you, your knowledge of majors and careers that take advantage of your education, and your personal career growth and development. This class is designed primarily for underclassmen, second semester freshmen and sophomores, though juniors and seniors may enroll as well.  Whether you are a second year student still deciding on your academic course of study, a senior beginning to look for your first career job or somewhere in between, the core goal is to help you be the best you can be in identifying and moving toward accomplishing your goals.  This course will help you identify your interests, skills, values and personality type while also identifying majors and careers that may be a good and satisfying match for you. You will meet individuals and professionals in careers that interest you, and learn about those careers through attending various career events both on and off campus. You will also build a foundation of knowledge, both self and practical, and skills to help you obtain internships and employment opportunities. 


Students who take this course and apply themselves can expect the following outcomes:


  1. Improved sense of academic direction and determination of a satisfying major choice
  2. Improved confidence about career choice and clarity about career direction
  3. Improved academic and life performance as a result of improved motivation
  4. Improved self-awareness of interests, values, and skills and motivation for your unique personality and temperament.
  5. Improved understanding of networking; begin to create a professional network in your field of interest
  6. Improved confidence and sense of satisfaction from improved personal success.

Prerequisite: junior and senior standing or permission of instructor. This course will help students to identify satisfying career options, meet individuals in careers they are interested in, and learn about those careers through informational interviews, site visits and shadowing experiences. The emphasis will be on “hands-on” learning and will include the use of outside speakers and guests. This course will also require the development of a resume and cover letter and participating in a mock interview. Important outcomes of the course are: 1) improved sense of academic/career direction leading to enhanced academic/career motivation; 2) hands-on exposure to/experience with career fields of interest; 3) developing skills required to successfully apply for internships and employment. Students may take both CLD 1100 and CLD 3100 for credit. 

CLD 1100: Exploring Career & Life Directions, Exploratory is especially designed for underclassmen (but is open to upperclassmen with the permission of the instructor) to help them explore their strengths, interests, personality and values and they connect to major and career options.  This section will be conducted in a seminar format.

CLD 1100 Section B of Career & Life Directions is especially de-signed for juniors and seniors who are ready to engage more with refining their resumes and engaging with the internship and job seeking process. This section will also be conducted in a seminar format.

Internship Contract and other supporting documents required to register for and complete an internship; For all academic departments, the internship course # is 3800