This course is an introduction to techniques and principles of digital photography. Our focus will be on conceptual development as well as basic technical skills, using both traditional and experimental methods and materials. This course incorporates the same formal elements and principles of design as well as color theory as all previous art courses. We will also be focusing on ideation and context in the production of our photographs. This course will provide a forum for the discussion and exploration of photographic practices and the possibilities made available by such an expansive field. 

I will post information weekly, this will include lectures, readings, documents, videos and/or assignments. Additionally, you will have on going, long term projects that you will submit for peer review/critique at different points in the schedule. 

Though this is an online class, I am in the Cowan Humanities Building for classes and office hours M/W 8-2 and T/Th 9-6. We can meet as needed by appointment.